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"The Journey of a Lifetime"

Is it possible that there are miracles all around us all the time? We often don’t realize the power that is available to us as followers of Jesus.
This might explain how we struggle at times within ourselves and in our attempts to serve others.
Join us in John 6:1-15, as we take "The Journey Toward Miracles." 

A Place to Call Home

Life is stressful. Pressures at work, tension at home, bills stacking up, and people wanting you to be someone you're not. It can be exhausting!  Wouldn't it be nice to just go somewhere you can relax, be yourself and just exhale a little bit?  JCC is a supportive, caring and relaxed organization of people who are here for our community and for YOU.  We invite you to come see what we're about! Wouldn't it be nice to finally be the YOU God knows you should be?

At JCC, you'll find people like you, comfortable being themselves, who welcome others no matter where they find themselves on life's journey. JCC has been an active part of Jefferson Township and the greater Goshen area for over fifty years now, and we continue to grow. We are part of your community. We're a place you can call HOME. 

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We think you matter

JCC just celebrated 50 years of ministry in Jefferson Township and around the world. From the beginning we have emphasized our desire as a group of Christ-followers that our love for Jesus should be shared with those we come across in our lives. People have come and gone over the years, but our mission remains the same.

We want to actively share God's love to those in our community and around the world. We don't exist for ourselves. We exist for our community. People like YOU! You matter to us.

 The things you're going through, the things you deal with, even the circumstances you find yourself in, chances are, you'll find someone at JCC with a similar story who's found others to come alongside them and walk with them in this journey. That could be you too! 

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