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THANK YOU for the great attendance and support at our Congregational Meeting last Sunday evening! We heard about Pastor Vickie’s plans to begin serving our congregation half-time on July 1. We are excited for her opportunity to join Ron in semi-retirement! We were informed of the great financial success of the past year, and challenged to keep an eye on our General Fund needs as well. We approved a withdrawal and repayment plan for an additional $32,000 from our line of credit. This will enable us to remove the Blessin’ Haus and finish the retention pond - according to the specifications of our building permit. Please keep praying for the continued success of our building plans, and the success of our expanded ministry opportunities!
History is a good teacher… This next section of the book of Acts uses the lives of ancient saints to paint a powerful picture of life with deep meaning and purpose. Join us as we look at “Abraham the Faithful.” Prepare ahead by spending time with Acts 7:1-8.
JCC Kids refers to all of the young people that call JCC home through our various child-centric ministries: LYNC, JCC Preschool and our JCC Church Children's Ministries. We love all of our JCC Kids and their families and we want everyone involved to know and love each other as well. Everyone is invited to our to this fun, family-oriented event featuring games, activities, trivia, food, music and more, all based around the number 3. Join us on Wednesday, March 31st from 5:30 - 7:30 pm in our brand-new JCC Activity Center!
Going forward with our newly expanded campus, we’d like to make plans to work together and bless our community. We’re looking to form a Fundraising Group to plan and promote ideas to benefit our church and love our community. Do you have a gift for serving; serving food, planning, organizing, publicizing, and evaluating? Contact the Church Office to let us know of your questions and interest.
Mark your calendars for April 24th! We plan to have our Missions Rummage Sale & Bake Sale that day! Start spring cleaning and decluttering now and save your treasures for this great community event! More details to come!
GOING FOR A WALK? Not a bad idea, and we can do it indoors now in the Activity Center. Best times are between 9 am and 2 pm. It’s not a race. Set your own pace and go. Stop and start when you want. Rest, and go again. Bring a friend and chat while you stroll. Put in your earbud and listen to some walking music. Or prayer walk your way around each lap. Any way you wanna go is fine. Come on out and enjoy the blessings of level ground and a beautiful environment!
How did Pickleball get its name? Who knows? Kinda like tennis, ping-pong, and badminton all rolled into one! Several from our congregation are giving it a try on Mondays from 6-8:30 in the Activity Center. You are invited to give it a thought. Group size is limited for now, so they can have the proper equipment for the size of the group. So, call in your questions or interest to Jeryl Hockstedler at (574) 536-0893.
The Faith Builders will be starting class April 11,2021. The class has never has been limited. We're always open to new faces who desire studying the Word and experiencing a closer relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their roles in the life of Christians. If there are any questions, feel free to call Sandy Biller at (574)238-1798.
Our Food Pantry has helped many families over the years. And the needs in our community continue. We are looking for new leadership for this important outreach. Are you someone who can help organize a ready group of individuals to renew our efforts in our new facility? Please contact Pam Rothi or Pastor Ken as soon as possible with your questions or as the Lord directs you to help in this way. Thank you!
JCC’s Helping Hands Ministry works year-round to help our neighbors during times when they need assistance paying bills. If God has touched your heart with a desire to help others, just include a note marked “Helping Hands” with your offering and indicate the amount you’d like to give to the fund. This is an ongoing ministry, and your support is appreciated any time of year. Thank you for blessing others!
They are a group devoted to providing resources and temporary shelter for the homeless in crisis. Located at St. Mark's United Methodist church at 502 N. Main, they are in need of the following supplies: Size 3 & 4 diapers, tri-fold paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and baby bottles. Breakfast or dinner casseroles are also appreciated, as are monetary donations. Just $2.05 serves one guest/day. Phone number for them is 574-534-2300.
Interfaith Hospitality Network has worked with a committee of various agencies to open up a winter Warming Shelter for those in need in our area. It will operate every night from 7pm - 7am through March 31st. It is located 1101 Eisenhower Drive N. #5309 on the south side of Goshen, in the warehouse at New Life Church. If you would like to contribute, please send donations to IHN and put "Warming Shelter" in the memo. IHN's address is 502 N. Main St. Goshen, IN 46528.
Remember to check the website, Facebook page or local news channels if you think the weather might cause our regular schedule to be disrupted!
Breakfast meeting time at Angel's House of Pancakes is now 8:30am every Wednesday. Contact Rick Rhude with any questions.
Currently Tues. - Thurs. 9am - 12 pm) *Masks are required if you need to visit the office.*