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The Journey of a Lifetime… It’s wise to set your course toward whatever helps you navigate the unknown. This is true of any journey; intellectual, relational, spiritual… Following Jesus has been described as “... a long obedience in the same direction.” Our consistent direction must be toward The Light of the World. He makes it possible to navigate the unknown. Join us today for The Journey Toward Light in John 3:1-21.
We look forward to seeing you again for Simply Supper and JCC Night on Wednesday, September 4th. Mark your calendars!
Remember that the JCC Food Pantry is open every Thursday from 5-6:30 pm to serve the people of Jefferson Township.
JCC’s Helping Hands Ministry works year-round to help our neighbors during times when they need assistance paying bills. If God has touched your heart with a desire to help others, just include a note marked “Helping Hands” with your offering and indicate the amount you’d like to give to the fund. This is an ongoing ministry, and your support is appreciated any time of year. Thank you for blessing others!
Office hours: Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm, Friday 9am - 12pm

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