Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We are pleased to provide care for your infant or toddler during services. Our nursery is intended to provide a safe, loving environment for your children. We hope that you will entrust your children to our care so you may worship and fellowship without distraction.

Ages 3-9
Gather in the children’s area on Sunday’s during our contemporary service. Preschoolers go to their own learning experience following a group time of singing and prayer. We use a series of experiential workshops to reinforce the Bible lesson/story of the month. Each month one story is explored through several different types of activities such as cooking, video, art, drama, games, puppets or computer. This approach allows us to address the diversity of learning styles that we all have.
God's Trekkers
Ages 5-9
Gather in the children’s area on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm for a time of singing, prayer, teaching and games. This is a highly interactive environment where students will learn bible stories and memory verses to apply to life. Small group opportunities and at home reinforcement are key parts of this program.

Kids are Very Important People at JCC!

Children have been at the core of ministry since the beginnings of JCC!  We make every effort to offer a quality environment for our JCC Kids in all that we do. We focus on practical, biblical teaching; safe environments; connection with parents throughout the week for reinforcement; and staying current on educational theory and trends.

Through our programs we strive to teach children 
  • to make wiser choices
  • build stronger relationships
  • develop a deeper faith.

 Our philosophy is simple. We believe that:
  1. Nothing is more important than someone’s relationship with God
  2. No one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than a parent
  3. No one has more potential to influence a parent than the church
  4. The church's potential to influence the child increases dramatically when it partners with the parent
  5. The parent’s potential to influence the child increases dramatically when partnered with the church

Links and Resources

Parent Cue

Connect with your kids in a whole new way. Our ministry programming is integrated with the resources available to help YOU as their parent at Parent Cue. 

Parent Resource Page

A great resource for tools, tips, articles, and more. It's a one stop shop for parents as we work together to impact your kids.

JCC Kids Facebook Page

We realize your kids are probably not on Facebook at this age. That's probably not a bad idea.  But chances are good you are! Here's the link to help you and your kids stay engaged!

JCC Kids YouTube Page

Check out the different teachings, activities, and updates on the JCC Kids YouTube page!

JCC Kids Zoom Link

To join Pastor Billy via Zoom meeting, click the icon above!

Donate to JCC Kids

Great things continue to take place in our children's ministry. If you would like to make a monetary donation to the program, we thank you!

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