Alive Again
Inner Healing Ministry

Jesus said in John 16:33 that living in the world will be troublesome but we can have peace because of Him.  There are struggles that are common to us living in this world but there is hope because Jesus also said that He came that we might have life and have it to the full! John 10:10

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, hopelessness?  Is addiction something that plagues you?  Is peace always a problem or crisis away? Are your relationships with others and even with God distant, in pain or maybe non-existent?

There is hope! Alive Again Inner Healing/Recovery Ministry exists to “bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners.” --Isaiah 61 & Luke 4

“You allowed me to trust you and showed me Jesus in a physical sense. I can’t thank you enough for that and I praise Him for allowing me that gift of you and your ministry.” 

“The best part was Pastor Ron’s willingness to completely set all of himself aside to offer his assistance to help us achieve a spiritual healing ."

“Through the use of Theophostics we have gone back into my life and asked Jesus to show me the dark and difficult times. We discovered that even when I was going through them He was there all the time.” 


Cost: There is no specific charge for this ministry. Donations are accepted to help cover the costs and to further this and other ministries at Jefferson Community Church.