It's time to Find freedom.

Alive Again, is a ministry that has the vision of helping people be alive in Christ! This life is a free gift of God and we want to help people claim their gift! Sometimes, life experiences cause pain and anguish that blocks our reception of the true life God wants us to experience. Alive Again can help you find God’s life for YOU! 

There is hope!

Jesus said, ‘I have come that they {people} can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.’" ( John 10:10, The Message)

So often we think that God is here and around us, but most of what he has promised about life really comes in heaven. Unfortunately that is a lie that Satan has perpetuated since the beginning of time.

If God would not have wanted us to experience wholeness and fullness of life, Jesus would never have come to earth. We can trust Jesus when he promised, “You can have real life, more life, and better life than you ever expected.” 

“I picked myself up along with the parts of my life that Jesus said were important and I walked away leaving all the garbage behind.” 

“We have gone back into my life and asked Jesus to show me the dark and difficult times.  We discovered... [Jesus] was there all the time.”

“You allowed me to trust you and show me Jesus in a physical sense.”

Meet Vickie Oldenburg

Founder of Alive Again

Vickie is the Pastor of Inner Healing and the founder of our Alive Again Inner Healing Ministry.  At Jefferson, we are passionate about living the “full Life” that Jesus came to give us (John 10:10) but know that here on this earth life brings with it many difficult situations including illness, death, abuse, addictions, and anxiety.

Vickie has personally experienced significant freedom from anxiety and has been walking with others for 20+ years, seeing many lives transformed through one-on-one Inner Healing Ministry and Inner Healing Care Groups.  She loves to see others become Alive Again!  
Vickie is a certified Spiritual Director, which means she helps others find out what God is up to in their lives.  Email Vickie

Vickie's Training and Certifications:
  • Elijah House Prayer Ministry by John and Paula Sandford
  • SALTS (Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminar)
  • Theophostics and The Wounded Heart Training by Dr. Dan Allender,
  • Formational Counseling by Dr. Terry Wardle 
  • Spiritual Direction Certification by Healing Care Ministry International.

Find out if Alive Again is for you

To find out more information or to make an appointment you can contact the church office during normal business hours or use the form below and we'll get back with you as soon as we are able.